About us

TERSA is a public company that operates in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, its mission is to manage environmental services related to the circular economy, the valuation of municipal waste, the generation and commercialization of renewable energies, and the promotion of the commitment of the citizenship for the sustainability

The company was initially founded on the 21 February 1983 under the name Tratamiento y Eliminación Residuos, S.A., and subsequently, on 20 May 1999, it was given its current name, Tratamiento y Selección de Residuos, S.A. (TERSA).

TERSA is a public limited company and its share capital is split between Barcelona Serveis Municipals (B:SM) and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB).

TERSA and its subsidiaries companies, which capital is one hundred percent owned by TERSA, are considered as a tool and technical services of the Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Municipal Services, S.A. (B:SM, S.A.), the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) and their respective contracting authorities. They are subject to develop the activities that these entities entrust to them relating to their corporate purpose.

Its corporate purpose is the management, treatment and disposal of municipal and assimilable waste in the metropolitan area; waste management systems; the study, development and operation of urban technologies and their derivatives, as well as the study, development and implementation of all kinds of activities, works and services related to electrical energy.

The structure of the main group companies make TERSA and SEMESA and SIRESA subsidiaries, the two subsidiaries to 100% by TERSA.

The entire structure of the group also includes other investee companies:

Structure of group companies and affiliates


TERSA houses the headquarters of the group and its offices are located in:

Av. Eduard Maristany, 44
08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barcelona)