Barcelona Energia, the public power company

Barcelona Energia is a public power company that sells green energy and offers a close and transparent customer service. Its purpose is to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable energy model, based on the increase of renewable generation, energy efficiency and, as a result, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

As a public power company, Barcelona Energia’s activity includes:  

  • The purchase and supply of electrical energy to both metropolitan public administration and final customer (20.000 consumers).
  • The representation of energy producers in the market: the municipal photovoltaic plants, the Waste- to-energy Plant of Sant Adrià de Besòs and the Garraf biogas plant.
  • The representation in the energy market of domestic self-consumption facilities.
  • The promotion and encouragement of renewable energy generation in the metropolitan area.





Telephone number for the public: 900.90.68.07

Contact e.mail: