Barcelona + Sostenible

TERSA has commissioned the Barcelona City Council to carry out the management of the Technical Secretariat of Barcelona + Sostenible


Citizen commitment to move towards a more sustainable city

In May 2002, after a process of collective discussion, the City's Council of Environment  Sustainability approved the citizen sustainability act  then, and convened all civil organizations to sign.

The City takes the leadership role in this movement, it allocates resources to develop and renew its network, improve the quality of participation and assess its progress.

Over the years there have been many organizations that have joined the process since 2002, developing their own plans for improving the city's environment.

The act was in force for 10 years, from 2002 to 2012 thus beginning the renovation process, which ended with a new commitment period from 2012 to 2022.

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Barcelona Escoles + Sostenibles

The involvement of the educational community in environmental education

Barcelona Escoles + Sostenibles Program is designed to help schools and other education centers to become involved in the ambitious project of imagining and building a better, more sustainable world, beginning with actions in the local area.

It was with this intention in mind that in 2001 Barcelona City Council sought the involvement of education centres (teachers, pupils, assistants, non-teaching staff and families) to elaborate an specific Agenda 21 School Programme (currently Barcelona Escoles + Sostenibles Programme), an educational project that called on the participation, action and involvement of citizens.

The project served to acknowledge, stimulate and support the work that many schools and institutions were already carrying out in environmental education, It also provided an opportunity to reinforce the ties between schools and the city.

The Barcelona Escoles + Sostenibles Programme has the Environment documentation Service, a center specialising in environment and sustainability information with its main objective to support professionals, individuals and institutions in this area.

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An specialised Environment documentation Service of Barcelona + Sostenible

The SDEA is a center specializing in environmental education, integrated within the of libraries and documentation network of the City Council and in agreement with SCEA since 2000.

Currently its contents are available within the Barcelona library network catalogue(CBAB) and in the Catalogue of the Universities of Catalonia (CCUC).

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