Cookies policy

What is a cookie? 

It is a storage device which is downloaded to your computer or electronic device when you access a website it is used in order to store and retrieve information to ease user navigation. 

Why Tractament i Selecció de Residus, S.A. does use cookies? 

Tractament i Selecció de Residus, S.A. uses cookies to retrieve information and to offer the user a more streamlined navigation avoiding to request data that has been previously provided. Also, Tractament i Selecció de Residus, S.A. uses cookies to analyze the behavior of users that surf the web, resulting in a very effective way to assess the operation of the website and its tool improvements.

How Tractament i Selecció of Residus, S.A. use cookies?

Tractament i Selecció de Residus, S.A. uses cookies to obtain the information it deems useful. The type of cookies you will use and the information you get with each is detailed below in the following table:

Types of cookies Purpose of this kind of cookies
Analytical cookies These cookies are used to analyse the behaviour of users anonymously, including the number of visitors to the site, the sources of visitors, date and time, platform and Words searched by users to find their desired content. Tractament i Selecció de Residus, S.A. employs a very useful means to make improvements to the website and to know what content or design is more relevant to the user..
Functional cookies They are cookies that help users have a better experience by navigating the website. An example of use of such cookies is to store the data of the last search, country, city and the last viewed products by the user.
Technical cookies Technical cookies are necessary to correctly display the website and proper performance of the website. These cookies are related to the User session and login.

How I can get more information on cookies, its management and, if the opportunity arises, deletion?  

If you go to the settings of the browser you have installed on your machine, you can select which cookies you want to accept and which to reject. To learn more, you can go to the link:

Please note if you disable cookies you may have problems with accessing and web browsing.

For details of the operation of cookies, and how to eliminate them, you can go to the following links: and

If you do not want to be tracked by Google Analytics through all websites, go to this link: