Environmental consultancy, inspection and training

In keeping with our commitment to improving the environment and to offering environmental management solutions, SIRESA shares its knowledge and experience with public and private bodies in the form of environmental consultancy, municipal solid waste inspection processes and environmental communication and education strategies.

In this way, SIRESA provides solutions to all spheres related to sustainability and environmental protection, specialising in the management and treatment of municipal solid waste as well as participating in other environmental fields.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Environmental education and communication strategies
  • On-going training in environmental best practices and commercial activities
  • Environmental consultancy projects
  • Inspection and commercial waste management control procedures
  • Training and communication


Environmental training

The proper management of resources depends on professional training and public information.

In terms of both business structure and social fabric, all sectors involved in a productive process or in a service are of vital importance for the responsible management of resources. As individuals and as a company, we are committed to caring for the environment and to achieving a more sustainable future. Consequently, when it comes to establishing good work practices and more environmentally responsible and civic methods, the key is to provide professionals and citizens with the information needed to make a personal commitment to good practices possible.

We work to provide both individuals and businesses with information and knowledge

  • The drafting and unfolding of environmental communication programmes
  • The unfolding of environmental communication campaigns
  • The planning and unfolding of environmental education activities
  • Training processes (talks, courses, environmental legislation and management seminars) and information on waste management adapted to different sectors
  • The drafting of a good practice guide, according to the characteristics of the activity or the town
  • Advice on environmental criteria for business activities

Environmental consultancy services

Business development must contemplate environmental issues.

Our experience proves that taking steps to ensure the protection of the environment and complying with current legislation leads to a reduction in environmental costs, both in the private and public sectors.

The implementation of a suitable management plan, the improvement of day-to-day practices and the analysis of intervention procedures are all tools that fuse caring for the environment and responsible management with cost cutting and sustainable development.

We can provide the tools required to ensure a sustainable development:

  • Technical support to public administration in areas relating to municipal solid waste management
  • Monitoring and development of integrated waste management systems
  • Studies to prevent waste generation
  • Optimisation studies on waste generation costs
  • Analysis of casuistry, characteristics and needs in the production and management of waste

Environmental control and inspection

Timely and up-to-date information on waste management processes:

  • Drafting and monitoring of environmental indicators
  • Action/improvement association charts
  • Management indicators
  • Monitoring and one-off information on waste management processes
  • Environmental ordinance compliance inspections

Compliance with new environmental legislation:

  • Revision of municipal, environmental and fiscal by-laws to adapt them to new requirements
  • Consultancy services for the awarding of environmental certifications (ISO 14001, EMAS)
  • Studies to assess implications of environmental legislation and proposals for adjustments

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