Environmental education

TERSA is involved several in environmental education programs:

Program: "Metropolitan Education Program for Sustainability (PMES)"

The goals of the program are to raise awareness, promote responsible attitudes and increase knowledge on the correct use and administration of a territory's recourses, and thus improve the environment. We open our facilities and make most our technical resources available with the purpose of illustrating our business activity with utmost transparency.

We do so by providing guided tours to:

  • Schools
  • University students
  • Older people and citizenship in general

Below is some data about the number of visitors to our premises  in year 2017:

  • 1.599 to Gavà-Viladecans Solid Waste Treatment Centre.
  • 1.990 to the Sant Adrià de Besòs Solid Waste Recovery Facility.
  • 730 to the AMB domestic drop-off recycling centres.

Link to the website for "Metropolitan Education Program for Sustainability (PMES)"

Link to AMB's education resources website

Information and registration in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB)

Phone: 34 93 238 93 51

Phone Hours:

From 8 to 15h all year

E.mail contact:


Programme "How does Barcelona work?"

Educational program promoted by the Culture Strategy and Sustainability, Urban Ecology within the area of the City of Barcelona, to promote awareness of environmental metabolism city through visits to facilities, equipment and green spaces in the city. Knowing your operation and using environmental values, habits and incorporate more sustainable behaviors.

It is aimed at all levels of education in schools.

  • Early childhood education (EI)
  • Primary education (EP)
  • Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO)
  • Table-compulsory secondary education (ESPO)
  • Special education (EE)

We highlight the number of visitors to our facilities during in the year 2017.

  • 773 students visited the industrial and domestic green centers in the city of Barcelona.
  • 46.655 pupils from 234 education centres in Barcelona have visited and taken part in the year 2017 in activities organised by the School mobile recycling centers.

For reservations: www.bcn.cat / educacio / pae

Link to webside "How does Barcelona work"

For more information:

Phone:34 93 326 22 23

Telephone support:

Time: 9.45 am to 14pm

E.mail contact:


Special visits to the PIVR

Technical visits managed by the Metropolitan Area and aimed primarily at:

  • Technical personnel of public and private businesses
  • Post-graduate and master university student
  • National and international delegations

In 2017 the number of visitors has been more than 400 people from American countries (Brazil, Mexic, Puerto Rico, Canada, Chile, Nicaragua, Argentina,), Europe (Norway) and Asia (Korea, India, Liban, Japon, China, Kuwait)

For more information:

Phone:: 34 93 462 78 70 

Phone Hours:

Time: de 9,30h a 14h

E.mail contact: aferre@tersa.cat

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