Fòrum Photovoltaic pergola

Year of construction: 2004

The surface area of the pergola measures 112 metres x 50 metres (equivalent to a football pitch) and is made up of 3,780 square metres of solar panels.

The structure is composed of four large cement pillars of different height and incline, the highest point reaches 50 metres.

It includes 2,686 Isofoton mono-crystalline panels that generate a maximum peak of 449 kWp, and a total of 1,250 kWh/kWp.

The amount of power generated is equivalent to that needed by 1,000 homes and it avoids the production of 440 tonnes of CO₂ every year.


The pergola is an impressive structure that is able to generate a considerable amount of photovoltaic energy in a clean and sustainable way. Interestingly, its size and shape also make it a sort of huge parasol.

The pergola is a piece of iconic engineering in the city because of its design, its scale and its conception that took into account the effect of sea breezes and winds that can reach up to 200 km/hr.


Number of modules 2.686
Number of modules in series 34
Number of series 79
Number of power connection boxes 12
Power per module 165W +-10%
Weight of each module 16,5 kg
Estimated energy 550.894 kWh
Saving approx. annual CO2 59,05 tn
Peak installed power 443,19 kWp
Rated Power 375 kWn
Plant performance (PR) 73,80%
Pergola orientation S 5º W
Panels Orientation S 3º E
Inclination 37,6º-38º


The Fòrum's photovoltaic pergola

Production kWh 554.987 561.412 559.008 479.690 533.582

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