From waste to resource:



The new model of municipal waste management in Catalonia, provides the energy recovery process solely for that residue which can no longer be valued previously, and whose name is rejection. Thus, the remaining fraction that is the fraction of household waste that is collected from the non selective collection before it can be valued should be treated in plants of mechanical-biological treatment to recover all the material can still be selected.

This change has led to a significant increase of the lower heating value (LHV) of the residue that is on the ground. It has gone from a range of 1700-2200 kcal / kg of initial residual fraction to a new range of 2500 ± 600 kcal / kg for the current rejection fraction.




  • Adaptation to the characteristics of this new plant residue from mechanical and biological treatment, in order to keep the same nominal treatment capacity.
  • Optimization of energy efficiency, adapting the thermodynamic cycle to maximize the increase of the heat energy of this new residue.
  • Increased steam available to power the distribution network of cold and heat in the area of the Forum and 22@Barcelona.
  • Increased plant availability, decreasing the duration of line stops and plant for maintenance and / or revision.


Adequacy of the combustion system:

a. Feeding cranes

b. Hopper, feeder canal and RM

c. Burning grills.

d. Primary and secondary air

e. Slag removal system

Adaptation water-steam cycle for increasing steam production.

a. Extension of the boiler.

b. Expanding the capacity of the equipment and piping water steam cycle

c. Changing water system feeding and new pumps.

Actions to increase electricity generation and adaptation of the existing installation.

a. New Alternator 32.5 MVA.

b. Changes in the main turbine Extraction and control system.

c. New transformer block and change lines electrical panels


Conservation nominal treatment capacity.

Ensuring the same amount of tonnes treated per year 360,000 t / year. If it had not carried out the suitability tons of annual treatment they had been reduced at least 300,000 t / year.

 Improving energy efficiency of the plant.

With the same amount of treated waste production 200.000MWh annual electricity equivalent to the consumption of a population of 100,000 inhabitants increases.

La power plant increases by 8 MW, for a total of 31,75MW.

Expansion of steam available for delivery to the network of hot and cold

With the increased steam production 120 t / ha to 150 t / h, you get more steam available to provide the network of cold and heat of the Forum and 22@Barcelona.

Financial and operational sustainability

It aims for continuity of service provided by the installation, a new period of life with a time horizon of 25 years begins, and direct and indirect jobs associated with this activity is guaranteed.

 More sustainable waste management

Getting a more sustainable management of waste, reducing disposal and energy recovery optimizing it.