• 1972: December. Work on the Sant Adrià de Besòs Waste-to-Energy (PVE) Plant begins.
  • 1975: The plant opens. The plant becomes operative and is managed by the companies responsible for its construction, represented by Obras y Servicios Hispania S.A.
  • 1983: Tratamiento y Eliminación de Residuos, S.A. (TERSA) is established as the new company in charge of operations with public capital from Barcelona City Council and Metropolitan Corporation (currently referred to as the Barcelona Metropolitan Area).
  • 1992: The company Selectivas Metropolitanas, S.A. (SEMESA) is founded to operate the facilities in Gavà-Viladecans. TERSA holds 50% of the company.
  • 1997: TERSA's shareholder structure changes and it becomes a publicly owned company.   
  • 1998: First major works to update the WtE Plant begin. A gas cleansing system is installed to comply with European regulations.
  • 2000: Solucions Integrals per als Residus, S.A. (SIRESA) is set up and is fully funded by TERSA.
  • 2002: Works to optimise the PVE Plant are completed. waste incineration capacity increases by 20% and electrical energy production by 40%.
  • 2005: Works begin to adapt the PVE Plant to environmental criteria set out in Directive 2000/76/CE.
  • 2006: Approval of the Master Plan. Investment made to extend the life, availability and productivity of the PVE Plant and its adaptation to the new municipal solid waste management model in Catalonia.
  • 2006: Ecoparc 3 goes into operation. This plant, together with the PVE Plant, form the Total Municipal Solid Waste Recovery Facility (PIVR).
  • 2008: Beginning of the work of the Master Plan PVE adequacy of the new model of management of municipal waste in Catalonia.
  • 2013: TERSA marks 30 years of its founding. The February 21, 1983 was constituted at City Hall in Barcelona as Tractament i Eliminació de Residus, SA. (TERSA).
  • 2014: Completion of the work of the Master Plan PVE adequacy of the new model of management of municipal waste in Catalonia.

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