Mission, vision & values


TERSA is a public company that operates in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, its mission is to manage environmental services related to the circular economy, the valuation of municipal waste, the generation and commercialization of renewable energies, and the promotion of the commitment of the citizenship for the sustainability.

We work with vocation of public service for the administrations with the conviction that the final recipient is the citizenship; and with the aim of improving society and the environment through our actions.

Vision-Strategic Lines:


Implement a strategic management system based on objectives and results based on the definition and monitoring of the strategic plan and the scorecards, in which economic management facilitates strategic decision-making, and improving internal and external communication systems; for the integral and sustainable development of the entire organization.


Ensure sustainability by perfecting the operations management system, where all the processes of the company converge in an integral flow, duly processed and protocolized, systematically evaluated and thus allowing maximum efficiency.


Implement a human development system aimed at empowering people within their workplace and equipping the organization with the professionals it needs to carry out its strategic plan, fostering internal communication, integration and the feeling of belonging within the organization. TERSA Group.


Prioritize an I+D+i system that provides and manages knowledge and technology, in which all workers participate to achieve a more efficient result, and have the best available technologies in our facilities. for which it will be of great importance both the creation of collaboration agreements with universities, research centers, business associations, technology partners, and the protocolization of knowledge management.


Focus logistics and contracting management towards greater efficiency, aligning all its flows with operational ones, covering all the needs of the different business areas with total transparency and modernizing all the information systems.



We work with the vocation of obtaining social benefits (positive influence on the environment and empowerment of our human capital), environmental (minimizing the impact on the environment and improving the quality of life of people), and economic (efficiency in the occupation of means).

We base this work on making decisions and behaviors that materialize in respectful processes with the environment, aimed at achieving social, economic and environmental objectives achievable, and that are subject to review, rethinking and adjusting to the reality of each moment and that have continuity over time.


We are committed to transparent management, based on the sharing of truthful information at all internal and external levels of the organization, to transmit trust and promote co-responsibility.


We bet on the application of both the best available technologies and the incorporation of new management dynamics, to anticipate the future and face it with the best possible guarantees

We guide people to constant innovation in their daily tasks, contributing ideas, materializing them in their jobs, and enhancing knowledge management.