Management of the Total Municipal Solid Waste Recovery Facility

In 2011, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) officially commissioned TERSA with the operation of the Sant Adrià de Besòs PIVR.

The PIVR is made up of the Mechanical-Biological Treatment Plant (PTMB) run by Ecoparc del Mediterrani, and the Waste-to-Energy Plant (PVE) run by TERSA.


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-Zona Franca Energy Generation Centre

TERSA acted as the contractor in the development of this project: from the construction to the operation of the urban heating and cooling network that supplies thermal energy to the south of Barcelona and Hospitalet.

The Zona Franca - Gran Via de l'Hospitalet Energy Generation Centre is designed to take advantage of residual cold produced by the regasification plant in the port (1). It works in conjunction with a biomass power plant and a trigeneration power plant.

These facilities entail a significant improvement in energy efficiency and a reduction in greenhouse gasses that cause climate change.

It is estimated that the facilities avoid the production of around 13,400 tonnes of CO₂ every year. To absorb this amount of CO₂ a woodland covering 15% of Barcelona's current surface area would be required.

 (1) Where liquefied natural gas at -145 ° C is passed through the vaporizers of sea water, leaving them in the gaseous state and at 0-10 ° C

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