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And selection work in the treatment of lightweight containers in the treatment of voluminous from selective collection.

Our company specialises in the sorting and treatment of light packaging. We also treat bulk materials collected in the waste separation process.

TERSA is the sole shareholder of Selectives Metropolitanes S.A. (SEMESA), a company that specialises in the sorting of light packaging and the grinding of bulk materials and wood collected in the waste separation process in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. In its facilities, located in the Gavà-Viladecans Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Centre (CTRM), the packaging sorting plant and the bulk materials treatment plant manage a range of waste materials for their subsequent recycling by specialist companies.

SEMESA, which capital is one hundred percent owned by TERSA, as a public company has the consideration of its own instrumental means and technical service of the Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Municipal Services, S.A. (B: SM, S.A.) and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) and their respective contracting authorities, and it is obliged to execute the work that these entities entrust to it in the matters referred to in its corporate purpose.


 SEMESA is located on Ctra. Camí Antic de Barcelona a València, B-210 Km 1, within the municipal district of Gavà, bordering Viladecans.

Members of the board of directors

PositionDirector's name Representation
PRESIDENT Sr. Jordi Ribas Vilanova TERSA
VICE-PRESIDENT Sr. Joan Miquel Trullols Casas TERSA
Sr. Miguel Ángel Clavero Blanquet TERSA
DIRECTORS Sr. Oriol Vall-llovera Calmet TERSA
DIRECTORS Sr. Carles Vázquez González-Roman TERSA
NON-BOARD MEMBER SECRETARY Sra. Sonia Corominas Soler  


Ctra. Camí Antic de Barcelona a València B-210 Km 1
08850 Gavà (Barcelona)
Tel. 93 662 94 56

e.mail: semesa@semesa.cat

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