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Our work centres on two important spheres of the municipal solid waste sector: domestic recycling drop-off centres (known locally as punts nets and punts verds) and consultancy, awareness raising and environmental training projects.

TERSA is the sole shareholder of Solucions Integrales per als Residus, S.A. (SIRESA), a company that is dedicated to unfolding a wide range of services related to waste management.

SIRESA, which capital is one hundred percent owned by TERSA, as a public company has the consideration of its own instrumental means and technical service of the Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Municipal Services, S.A. (B: SM, S.A.) and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) and their respective contracting authorities, and it is obliged to execute the work that these entities entrust to it in the matters referred to in its corporate purpose.

Noteworthy amongst the services we offer is the management of domestic recycling drop-off centres, the logistics management of the centres as well as awareness campaigns, projects and environmental training.

All these services are structured around two main spheres of activity:



Members of the board of directors

PositionDirector's nameRepresentation
PRESIDENT Sr. Jordi Ribas Vilanova TERSA
Sr. Joan Miquel Trullols Casas TERSA
MANAGING DIRECTOR Sr. Miguel Ángel Clavero Blanquet TERSA
DIRECTORS Sr. Oriol Vall-llovera Calmet TERSA
DIRECTORS Sr. Carles Vázquez González-Roman TERSA
NON-BOARD MEMBER SECRETARY Sra. Sonia Corominas Soler  


SIRESA (Solucions Integrals per als Residus, S.A.) 

Carrer de la Pau, 3-5
08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs
Tel. 93 238 93 50

e.mail: siresa@siresa.cat

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SIRESA (Secretaría Barcelona + Sostenible)

  • The information service and attention to companies and entities signing the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability
  • The Secretariat Sustainable Schools 
  • Documentation Service Environmental Education


Edificio La Fàbrica del Sol
Passeig de Salvat Papasseit, 1. La Barceloneta
08003 Barcelona Tel. 93 256 25 93 

Contact e.mail bcnsostenible@bcn.cat

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