Solar photovoltaic installations


Operation of the installations

TERSA is responsible for the overall management of the municipal solar photovoltaic installations (IESFV). This task consists in completing standard maintenance actions so that the generation of electricity is optimised in line with the technical characteristics of each installation.

In all there are 60 IESFV, with a total capture surface area of 8,000 square metres. The nominal power reaches roughly 1,300 kWh and they are located on rooftops and on the outside walls of municipal buildings, such as schools, nurseries, civic centres, libraries, etc.

Notable installations in the IESFV network are found in the following facilities: Casa Consistorial, Tàber Primary School, Francesc Candel library, Trinitat Vella civic centre, Vázquez Montalbán civic centre as well as the pergolas in Fòrum, Bon Pastor and Vallbona.

Planning and processing of new devices

TERSA also coordinates the steps prior to the building of new installations. This is done in conjunction with public bodies, developers and installers. To register, authorise and run the future IESFV the project must first be drawn up, with special attention given to the technical specifications of the installations, use and maintenance instructions, supervision of the health and safety regulations, formalisation of guarantees and the planning of the preventative and corrective maintenance work.

Awareness and commitment

In order to develop technology that is clean, safe and able to respond to significant future challenges, it is necessary to raise awareness amongst the public and to provide information on a range of aspects: main advantages, compliance with other energy solutions, technological evolution, regulation and the implementation of legislation, etc.

Along these lines, TERSA opens the Fòrum photovoltaic installation to the public in order to provide an insight into the workings of these installations. Members of the public are provided with information on this new energy source and thus a debate on photovoltaic energy is created with a view to improving it.


The IESFV managed by TERSA generate electricity. This power is then fed into the main electricity grid that stores it.

The standard operation of a solar photovoltaic installation connected to the grid is as follows:

On-site consumption

TERSA has taken on a new challenge in the operation of IESFV: on-site consumption. This involves the generation of electrical energy for use in the building where the installation is located. This places members of the public at the centre of a new scenario, where they themselves become energy producers.

Examples of future facilities to use on-site IESFV energy include the Horta-Guinardó district council headquarters, the Gràcia district council headquarters, the Raval Community Centre and the Teresa Pàmies Civic Centre.

The operation of a standard photovoltaic installation is described below:


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