Treatment of bulk materials and wood

In the Gavà-Viladecans Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Centre (CTRM), SEMESA also counts on a facility that treats bulk materials and wood.

Here, bulk materials and wood collected in municipal collection are treated, as are those collected in the metropolitan and municipal domestic recycling drop-off centres.

The different types of fractions are selected: wood, scrap, waste electrical and electronic equipment (RAEEs), batteries, pressure vessels and mattresses. Of alls the wood has a specific treatment. The rest, once separated, are managed through authorized companies.

The commercialization of by-products from furniture and wood is carried out, in the following qualities and technical specifications:

Fine: product with a finer granulometry, between 0 and 20 mm, which is used as an alternative fuel to traditional fossil fuels (fuel from recovered biomass).

Splinter: product of granulometry between 20 and 50 mm used mainly for the production of planks of agglomerate for the manufacture of furniture. This product does not contain different elements of the wood that can hinder the manufacture of the aforementioned planks (plastics, boards, etc.).

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End use of reclaimed material

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