19 July 2021

Aprovat el Pla d’Igualtat del Grup TERSA

12 July 2021

El Grup TERSA presenta la Memòria de Sostenibilitat 2020

08 July 2021

Grup TERSA avança en el seu compromís amb l’RSC

Waste management

We evaluate different residue fractions, recuperating them, reusing them, and transforming them into energy, that way reducing their environmental impact.


Renewable energy

We generate and sell energy from renewable sources to contribute to a new more sustainable energy model.

Sustainability promotion

We work to promote the citizen commitment to sustainability promoting practices that are more respectful with the environment.



TERSA Group, formed by TERSA, SEMESA, and SIRESA, with more than 35 years of history, is a public company for environmental services related to circular economy, evaluation of residues, generation and commercialisation of renewable energies, and promotion of citizen commitment to sustainability.

More than 300 professionals form part of TERSA Group, all united by the commitment to sustainability, innovation, and transparency.