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TERSA carries out the integrated management of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Installations (IESFV) of municipal buildings and equipment in Barcelona City and its metropolitan area. The most emblematic is the Forum pergola photovoltaic plant.

The integrated management includes the necessary actuations to assure normal operation and optimise electricity generation according to the technical characteristics of each of them.

There are two different management models: the exploitation of photovoltaic plats connected to the electricity grid to sell electricity and the self-generation photovoltaic plants for self-consumption.

TERSA also fosters renewable generation by promoting and executing a crowdlending project for the construction of a photovoltaic plant in the Civic Centre Convent Sant Agustí.

Thanks to the more than 95 photovoltaic installations, each year emissions of 624,23 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere are avoided.



The IESFV are solar plants situated on the roofs and façades of municipal buildings like infant schools, civic centres, libraries, etc... with the objective of promoting self-generation of solar energy in Barcelona city and in its metropolitan area.


The Bon Pastor and Vallbona Pergolas, the City Hall, and the Taber School stand out among the IESFV connected to the grid. The Raval Social Centre, the Joan Miro Library, the Badalona Social Health Centre El Carme, and The Farga of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat stand out among the self-generation IESFV.

We can also find fotolineres, electric vehicle recharging stations in the metropolitan area.  The electricity of these stations is bidirectional:  The electricity provided by the photovoltaic panels is for the fotoliner and the excess is distributed to the adjacent metropolitan building.

The Forum photovoltaic pergola


With a surface of more than 3,400 square meters, the Forum photovoltaic pergola is an enormous superstructure visible form municipalities at 30 km from  Barcelona.

Capable of generating electricity for 200 homes all year round, it was built in 2004 within the Forum Universal of Cultures project and is based on the spirit of sustainability and usage of natural resources that characterises Barcelona city.

La Teulada


TERSA manages La Teulada, a service in the metropolitan area that offers advice to citizens and SMEs regarding the self-consumption of photovoltaic power. The aim of the service is to provide guidance for those who are interested in generating and consuming their own renewable electricity, including individual homeowners, residents’ associations, businesses and companies.

The service is personalised and is offered via different channels, in order to facilitate access and optimise the user experience. It works as a “one-stop shop” to address queries of a technical, administrative and financial nature.

Currently, TERSA offers this service in the municipalities of Viladecans, Barberà del Vallès, El Papiol, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Sant Feliu de Llobregat and Sant Just Desvern.

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