Renewable energy

Biogas for energy use


Biogas is a flammable gas generated by the decomposition of organic materials present in residues. It is considered as a renewable source of energy because it is used to generate electricity.

The Plant for energy from biogas, managed by TERA, allows producing and commercialising electricity, thanks to the biogas recuperation process from residues from the ancient Garraf dump.

With the energy use of biogas we avoid releasing more than 60,000 t of CO2 into the atmosphere.



The biogas energy production Plant is located in the Vall d’en Joan controlled deposit, in Garraf.

To capture the biogas, there are more than 300 wells that average 20 meters depth, excavated in the mass of residues and uniformly distributed around the controlled deposit area.

The wells are connected to a network of collectors that send the biogas to the cogeneration motors. That way the captured biogas is used as fuel to generate electricity and avoids its release directly into the atmosphere, reducing its greenhouse effect.

Finally, the obtained electricity energy, 100% renewable, is sold to the electricity grid.

Interesting data


MWh of electricity


Nm3 of biogas captured

*Data corresponding to 2022