Who we are


We are a publicly-owned company, operating in the Barcelona metropolitan area, specialised in managing environmental services related to the circular economy.

Through our activity we provide solutions to the challenges of managing waste and the generation and commercialisation of renewable energy, and promoting citizen commitment to the environment.

TERSA Group is formed by TERSA, SEMESA and SIRESA.

More than 340 people form part of the TERSA Group professional team

Mission, vision, and Values



Our mission is to manage environmental services related to circular economy, evaluation of municipal residues, generation and commercialisation of renewable energy, and promoting citizen commitment to sustainability.

We have the vocation of a public service for the administration with the certainty that the end clients are citizens; and to improve society and the environment with our actuation.



We implement a strategic management system based on objectives that allows us to take the best decisions; assuring sustainability of the organisation starting with efficient management of our operations and promoting professional development of persons forming part of the same. All as a complete part of knowledge management and innovation using the best technologies and systems and aligning logistics and contracting with efficiency and transparency.



We work with the vocation of obtaining social benefit, (positive influence on the environment and empowering our human capital), environmental benefit (reduction of environmental impact and life quality improvement of persons), and economic benefit (efficiency in the occupation of resources).



We are committed to transparent management sharing true information to transmit trust and promote co-responsibility.



We are focussed on applying both the best available technologies and incorporating new management dynamics, in anticipation of the future and approaching the same with the best available guarantees.

Structures and activities

Our shareholders are Barcelona Council through the Barcelona de Serveis Municipals SA (B:SM) company, Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) and metropolitan councils

The main structure of group is formed by TERSA and its affiliates SEMESA and SIRESA, both companies owned 100% by TERSA. The group also participates in other companies.


Tractament i Selecció de Residus, S.A. (TERSA)

  • Barcelona Energia

  • Photovoltaic Installations

  • Biogas for energy use

  • Waste-to-Energy


Selectives Metropolitanes S.A. (SEMESA)

  • Selection of lightweight packaging

  • Treatment of bulky waste and wood


Solucions Integrals per als Residus S.A. (SIRESA)

  • Collection centres

  • Collection and transport of residues from the collections centres

  • Ecomanagement: inspection, training, and environmental projects services

  • Barcelona + Sostenible


1975 Inauguration of the Waste-to-Energy Plant (PVE). Start of the operation by the companies responsible for its construction.

1983 Incorporation of Tractament i Eliminació de Residus, S.A. (TERSA), that later changed its business name to Tractament i Selecció de Residus, S.A.

1992 Incorporation of Selectives Metropolitanes, S.A. (SEMESA)

1997 Change of the shareholding structure of TERSA, that became a 100% public company.

2000 Incorporation of Solucions Integrals per als Residus S.A. (SIRESA)

2006 Start-up of l'Ecoparc del Mediterrani; that together with the PVE form the Waste-to-Energy Integrated Plant.

2009 Start of the management of municipal photovoltaic installations and the Agenda 21 Programme, currently Barcelona + Sostenible.

2008-2014 Development of the Director Plan for adapting the PVE to the new Catalonia municipal residues management model.

2014-2015 Development of the optimisation work in the Gavà-Viladecans Municipal Residues Treatment Centre

2018 Start of management of Waste-to-Energy Biogas Plant in Garraf

2018 Start of Barcelona Energia, the public commerce for the Barcelona metropolitan area

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