Sorting of light packaging


This is the process of separating and classifying different types of light packaging coming from selective recollection made by citizens using the yellow containers situated on public roads.

This way, their energy and recycling can be recovered, reducing their environmental impact.

The different types of light packaging are selected, such as plastic containers, mixed plastic fraction, metal containers and beverage and food containers (bricks).

We have recuperated more than 12,000 tons of plastic packaging during 2019, which means saving more than 24,000 tons of oil in the manufacturing of our plastic materials.



The treatment and selection of light packaging activity is carried out in the Gavà-Vildecans Municipal Residues Treatment Centre.

The light packaging selection plant is a specialised installation for the selection of packaging by composition. It has the following structure:

  • Area fort reception of packaging: area where the packaging coming from selective collection is dumped after weighing. This packaging is sent to the selection area via conveyor belts.
  • Selection area: at the beginning of the process, there is a separating machine that separates the packaging according to its size and a bag opener to facilitate the triage. Then, the selection of packaging starts according to composition, magnetic, volumetric, or density properties. Lastly, there is a manual triage for improving the end quality.
  • Area for pressing and packaging: area for pressings and packaging to facilitate transport to the final recuperation plants.
  • Storage area: storage area of the selected materials and that are pending transport to the installations for recycling.

To increase energy efficiency of the plant, it has photovoltaic and thermal solar panels, that allow reducing electricity consumption by 25%.

Interesting data


tons of light packaging treated

66,5 %

packaging recuperated

*Data corresponding to 2022